Early morning engagement photography session at Camanche lake, California.

I am NOT an early riser typically. Will I do it? Yes. Will I enjoy it?… Also, yes. Just not at first.The physical process of waking up is always rough for me. But man is it ALWAYS worth it. This engagement session at Camanche Lake was no exception.

Alica and Jorge are transplants from Texas. They moved to Sacaramento California together with their dog and are now enjoying all the area has to offer. One of those being Camanche Lake. I knew that we would have to get up early to take advantage of the sun’s position in relation to where we were planning on going.

The added bonus of getting up so early for the engagement pictures was just beating out the masses of people on the road as well as at the lake. They picked me up around 5am and we rode together, making it their just as the sun was coming up.

So aside from them being two beautiful human beings that also happened to have like 3 PERFECT engagement photography outfits, they were such sweethearts. Both are in the medical field, Jorge on the path to be a doctor while Alicia works with a mobile clinic that does ultrasounds. One thing I was incredibly impressed by (I mean aside from all the legwork that comes with schooling to be a doctor) was that Jorge said he always knew that’s what he wanted. Personally, I struggle to meal plan on the regular and kind of floated in college as a cinema major until taking up photography on the side.

Alicia wanted interesting landscape for the engagement photography session and Lake Camanche was perfect for it! If you didn’t already know the central valley is flat. It was slightly disconcerting when I moved from a river valley with rolling hills to something that reminded me more of the midwest. Thankfully there are so many options just a stone’s throw (or two hours) away from Sacramento. Lake Camanche is even more accessible and probably only like an hour.


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