I met Alissa in what feels like forever ago, college. This sweet and gorgeous girl is a mama to a little guy and, at the time these were taken, soon-to-be to a baby girl as well. I still can’t get over how tiny she is while having such a belly, all baby!

Alissa brought 3 different outfits to wear, and every fricken one of them was perfect. I wish I could hire her to style all my shoots (hint hint Alissa). We started out in a nature preserve where her clean simple looks fit in so well, then we decided to stop by the greenhouse and switch it up to a more patterned dress.
Congrats beautiful!!

alissa-maternity1alissa-maternity2 alissa-maternity3 alissa-maternity5   alissa-maternity11 alissa-maternity13alissa-maternity17          alissa-maternity24alissa-maternity23  alissa-maternity21alissa-maternity28alissa-maternity27    alissa-maternity33alissa-maternity32           alissa-maternity38alissa-maternity36alissa-maternity35alissa-maternity37

Photographed in Binghamton, New York

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