When it rains in the Sacramento/Folsom area, it really pours!

We were rained out 3 or 4 times, till finally we had clear skies.

I’d been looking forward to this maternity shoot in Folsom for so long! The good thing about delaying a maternity session is it gives the babe/belly extra time to get bigger which is not a bad thing at all. It’s funny as I’m currently writing this blog post, weeks later, it has been rainy today as well when I thought we were done with it. Extra rain in California is never a bad thing though for so many reasons, as a photographer I cherish the greens and leaves on the trees while they’re here for pictures. Plus my garden is pretty happy about it too! As am I, not having to water it today.

Folsom lake is my go-to spot if clients don’t have a location preference. The landscape is so minimal, yet diverse. The beautiful lake, massive boulders, trails of trees. Folsom itself is also such a cute little area to drive through. Maybe I imagine it but after getting off the highway from Sacramento it feels so quiet despite not being that far from it.

Gennifer is a blogger and has not slowed down since becoming pregnant! I hope that I can have the same perseverance as her if I have kids someday. Meanwhile I still struggle to get out of bed sans children… But really though, she’s one of those boss mamas that is definitely going to kill it in the motherhood department. She’s also in the Sacramento area but travels to so many places which she says she can’t wait to continue with her babe in tow. For the meantime she updates her readers on things she’s found helpful during her pregnancy, whether it’s products or experiences. After out session she made a cute little blog post about it which you can check out here.


Folsom maternity photographer, baby belly picture with golden grassFolsom maternity photographer, mother to be cupping baby belly while sitting in gold and green tall grassFolsom maternity photographer, hand moving through golden grass as ladybug climbs handFolsom maternity photographer, mini stick teepee and large one with pregnant mom embracing bellyFolsom maternity photographer, pregnant woman looking stoic with baby belly and backlit sunsetFolsom maternity photographer, detail shot of rock textures and baby bellyFolsom maternity photographer, pregnant mom stands before blue water at sunset admiring bellyFolsom maternity photographer, portrait of pregnant woman holding bellyFolsom maternity photographer, pregnant woman looking off into sunset in front of lakeFolsom maternity photographer, pregnant woman laughing while backlit sitting in grassFolsom maternity photographer, pregnant woman pushes hair back as wind blows dress

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