Granite Bay Family and Wedding Photographer

This BEAUTIFUL family…

Alright, truth be told I think it would actually be next to impossible for these guys to take bad pictures. These awesome parents and their little girl gang managed to make it around the windiest roads to our location. Being a Granite Bay photographer has the perks of gorgeous scenery, only downside is sometimes windy roads. Shoutout to them for being willing to meet there since google maps clearly doesn’t have a topography option to show how crazy it is getting there. All in all it was SO worth it though. Best lighting, best dressed, most sweet family, I couldn’t go wrong.

These guys are Sacramento natives so showing them this spot that they had not been to in Granite Bay was a treat. The girls had a chance to explore and investigate the numerous intricacies this area offered them. Water front, drift wood, boulders, sand; it was a child’s (and photographer’s) paradise.

It was fun to see Elliot come out of her shell and I’m pretty sure we became best buds almost immediately. Perrie was a bit more ‘uh who’s the lady with the camera’. By the end though she was definitely warming up to me, or maybe it was the bribe of Taco Bell afterwards that did it…


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