I was able to spend the better part of an evening with this awesome couple at the best time of day. They celebrated 1 year of being married on August 22nd and wanted to do a anniversary session including bridals. We had a mini picnic, so they could do the good-luck tradition of eating the cake a year later. It was great getting to talk about our own experiences of Japan since they just got back from spending a month there! They are such a sweet couple and really openly loving which made my job super easy. It was so beautiful out, the sun was hanging low and we hung out right beside the river. It’s funny looking at these images because I can almost forget it’s from New York! It reminds me a lot of the sessions I’ve had at Granite Bay in California. Something always draws me to the water. Scuba diver tendencies I suppose!

After exploring this amazing space behind their apartment we went back for them to change to do some bridals. They were very honest about wanting more bridals than they had on their wedding day and not wanting to regret it. Even though they wore these clothes before the way they looked at each other was like it was their wedding day all over again. Seeing such an awesome couple so in love is really one of the best things I am lucky enough to be witness to. These guys are so effortlessly intimate and sweet together, it was a fun time. Congrats on your year of love guys!

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