Hey, hi! My name is Kaely and I’m a full-time photographer that is constantly traveling to take pictures of people in love.

I started doing photography about six years ago and also went to a university  for film making. I’ve explored a lot of different avenues in photography, but always found myself focusing on the authentic moments in relationships.

Aside from photography, traveling and diving are definitely my other main passions. Currently I’m an advanced certified scuba diver and working towards becoming a dive master; most of my dives have taken place in Southeast Asia and have included sharks and recently one of my bucket list animals manta rays (!!!!).

I’m lucky enough to have a partner in crime that loves a lot of the same things I do, we’ve been fortunate enough to travel to and dive 6 different countries together. In the picture below both of us are sitting on a volcanic rock in Indonesia with an active volcano behind us that we spent 3 hours traveling to driving the slowest motorcycle in existence (hence our crazy wind/helmet hair). Following this picture we played with local puppies, bartered at various fruit stands, and then had to pay a cop off for not having an international license. And that’s the sort of stuff that makes me feel alive. Things that fill you with emotion and have a beautiful unplanned story to them. I’ve found that to always be the case in the love stories of people who I’ve captured. Let’s tell your story, together.