This has been a CRAZY photography season for me. All in good ways, thankfully. Now that I’m having a few moments to breathe I’m working on weekly blog posts and here’s the first a Marin county session!

SO, not going to lie this is one of my favorite sessions of all time. For a few reasons.

One being that this just ended up being a lot of fun. Like, now we meet up and grab drinks because when you meet your type of people you just know? So of course I’m stoked on having these two as new friends.

Also though, they just were so easy. I pride myself on making sessions fun and even people that are nervous because they ‘are awkward in front of a camera’ or ‘don’t like having their picture taken’ end up having a blast. I give lots of prompts that just focus on interacting with each other rather than what they’re doing in front of the camera. I hardly had to prompt these two! Their energy was completely in tune with each other and the whole thing went so well.

Last great thing from this day (although I could mention a million more) I’m going to mention. We took the Marin county engagement pictures at Muir beach. This place was BEAUTIFUL. The light was perfect. And they allow dogs on the beach! My boyfriend came with and we arrived early to play with her. Cutest thing ever.

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