Rey + Aaron in home session

Newlyweds in their Sacramento fixer-upper

These two have only been in their Sacramento home for all of five months. It was surprising for me to hear that because it was already so put together looking. Maybe it’s just because I think that if I took on a fixer upper it would definitely take myself much longer. I love the idea of a fixer upper, but don’t know that I could handle it considering how much I have to ask other people for advice on anything tool related. These guys said they still have more work to do but it’s still crazy what they’ve accomplished!

In-home sessions can be somewhat of a gamble. Although I love them because they show the personalities of the people living there, paint choices can affect the colors in pictures. And don’t get me wrong, I painted the kitchen in my last apartment a gorgeous terra-cotta. I love rich colors, but when light hits the walls those colors get cast on the skin in pictures. Thankfully this house was neutral bliss for me and so easy to work with!

We started our morning in their Sacramento home chatting while I put my gear together. Reyanna is a yoga instructor and Aaron does insurance work. One of my favorite parts of being a photographer is getting to see relationship dynamics. They had an ebb and flow. Taking turns talking and accentuating what the other was saying. It was sweet seeing how they could both make each other laugh. A lot of times I get a lot of laughter from the girl when I work with couples but at one point Aaron could hardly talk because he was laughing so hard. Getting to be around two light hearted energies was a super uplifting way to start my day.

Grateful to these two for welcoming me into their home and lives at this special point in time. Can’t wait to see how beautifully their lives together continue to grow. Also, definitely taking some design tips from their unbelievable fixer upper.

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