A couple months ago I got together with Kiley to make some beautiful maternity pictures. This week I was lucky enough to meet up with her again to see the much anticipated little girl. Not only was she precious, of course, but she was also the EASIEST newborn I’ve ever photographed. I’m not exaggerating when I say that, she really was just perfect.

Newborn sessions are an opportunity to really show a window in time that goes by so quickly. I love doing lifestyle sessions for newborns because it will really date that period, for all those involved. It’s my belief that looking back at these pictures Kiley will be able to vividly recall this beginning space for the both of them and the bond of theirs steadily growing here. These are the walls that housed them, that is the chair she would breastfeed her in, those are the big windows that illuminated Sawyers face while she napped.

I think most of the time the pictures people appreciate from when they were younger tend to be evidence of a time they can’t well remember. Sawyer gets to see her with her mom, the dog from her childhood, possibly the home she returned from Kindergarten to, the wood floors she would slip around in her socks on. I think that for all these reasons a lifestyle session, especially for newborns, will be much more valued later on.


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