<H1>You know how sometimes you meet people and you’re just like, dang, you’re pretty much superhuman.</H1> That’s BOTH of these awesome people I had the chance to meet up with and photograph in Yosemite National Park. Hiking 23 miles day before, they still managed to wake up at five am. Their engagement pictures were done overlooking Yosemite valley at sunrise. To be fair, they both were professional runners so it does come natural to them. But, it’s still crazy impressive.

It’s always surprising to me what a small world it really is. I know, that’s a pretty overused phrase but it really holds true. Austin and I moved to the Sacramento area of California a little over a year ago. We drove across the country from upstate New York. Wouldn’t you know it, Forrest actually attended Syracuse University. Austin’s school was actually on the same campus! So even after moving across the country I just so happened to be doing engagement pictures for someone that I very well could have inadvertently crossed paths with before!

Lauren is actually from the Sacramento area and went on a lot of family trips to Yosemite National Park as she grew up. I can’t imagine how amazing that must have been. If you’ve never been to Yosemite it’s hard to imagine the magic of actually seeing it in person. It’s truly unworldly. Because Yosemite National Park had such sentimental value to her Forrest said that he knew it was where he wanted to propose. He showed me a video of the proposal which he had on his phone. It was really sweet and cute especially when Lauren is in disbelief and just says, “are you serious?”.

The engagement session was really laid back and fun. Tunnel view had a lot more photographers there then I thought it would but we found a spot all to ourselves that worked out perfectly. Towards the end I turned on the song they have picked out for their wedding a cover of I Can’t Help Falling in Love by Twentyone Pilots. Together they danced as the sun started to peek through the clouds and Forrest sang the words to Lauren.


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